24 February 2014


I have been dithering about blogging again for months. I log on and pen sorrowful laments of root vegetables and odes to forced rhubarb and then shy away from posting them. It is for the best, the sonnet about swedes was mildly embarrassing and the stanza about heritage carrots practically nonsensical. Then yesterday, I lost a notebook. It contained months of whiskey tasting notes, new menu item schematics and hastily scrawled ratios for the perfect beer marshmallow texture. I was inconsolable. Two strong cups of tea and a handful jar of sea salt candied almonds proved no cure. 

So I find myself blogging again, as writing online strikes me as slightly more permanent than the dog eared pile of index cards I am steadily accumulating since the Great Notebook Loss of 2014. I fancy this more of a kitchen diary than my previous blog, though I am sure it will feature similar periods of inexplicable posting drought. If nothing else, it will serve as a repository for my impressive collection of radish haikus. You have been warned. 


  1. Your hard-copy material about swedes was certainly a turnip for the books.

    Welcome back!